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at EMILY’S BISTRO, 45 First St, Quorn SA. Ph: (08) 8648 6940

Pop on your spurs, cowboy hat and bandanna

17 April 2015
6:00 pm for 6.30pm start

6.30 pm  CAT BALLOU
9.00 pm SHANE
11:00 pm finish


Flinders Flicks Equipment Fund

Bookings: (08) 8648 6940

Cat Ballou, Comedy 1965, 97 mins, stars Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin in an original Western spoof about a notorious female outlaw seeking revenge.
Shane, Classic Western 1953, 118 mins, stars Alan Ladd, about a weary gunfighter who attempts to settle down with a homestead family.

In a slight format change from previous events, snacks and supper will be served in the intermission. We encourage members to dress up for Flinders Flicks nights to enhance the occasion. Its optional for you to attend both movies on the bill or just one of them (its $10 for supper either way) but please make your preference known to Emily’s when you book so that they can manage the seating.

We are a film club based in Quorn, run by volunteers, holding monthly events for members in partnership with Emily’s Bistro. Membership is free and you can join up at the door. $10 covers cost of supper. Donations towards the projector fund are appreciated as you enter and will be used to purchase of a new sound system soon. Flinders Flicks is a member of the Australian Film Societies Federation. More information is available at www.flindersflicks.org Become a volunteer and receive training and access to equipment.

Flinders Flicks are looking for volunteer helpers to support our larger and outdoor events. These occur about once a year and involve setting up a large screen, a projector and running cables. Then you get to stick around and enjoy the movie.

Training is provided, which includes:

  • How to set up a data projector and run a movie from a DVD player or presentation from a laptop.
  • How to connect up a sound system.
  • How to set up a screen.

These great skills are useful to anyone who wants to use a projector to present a business demo, host a movie night, or to do a presentation of their artwork in a virtual exhibition. By volunteering you’ll get the skills and have access to the equipment.

Once you have done the basic training and have assisted as a volunteer, you will have access to the Flinders Flicks loan equipment and can book it out for your own event.

Next training session will occur on 26 or 27 Feb 2015. To take part please email info (at) flindersflicks.org, or post a message on our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/flindersflicksSA

Volunteers are a help at any of our events, so even if you can’t help with setting up an occasional outdoor events Support is also gratefully appreciated to volunteer ushers (you can help people find their way to a seat or a loo in the dark) and door support (you help people become a member if they aren’t already). We offer benefits to volunteers in the form of access to movies and special events.

Flinders Flicks is a film society which was started in Quorn, South Australia in late 2007 and since then, films have been screened for members on and off over the years. We are currently presenting movies in partnership with Emily’s Bistro so that we can have a social night in a comfortable venue with friendly cafe style service and a movie room feel.

The film society offers a social gathering to enjoy interesting, hard to find movies in a friendly local place. We also have family film nights, outdoor cinema events and sometimes hold film events in communities in or near the Flinders Ranges, South Australa. Films presented include: interesting rare stuff, locally made, young film makers, australian features and cult classics, and good quality films that satisfy our souls.

Flinders Flicks offers our community in Quorn, as well as visiting tourists and film makers, the opportunity to see locally produced films, Australian films, short films and “stuff we found in the shed” in a relaxed, intimate and friendly environment… a bit like visiting your friends for a movie night!

If you are keen to participate in conversation, you can join our facebook page… www.facebook.com/flindersflicksSA

Movie Room dates for 2015

Posted by on January 27th, 2015

In 2014 Flinders Flicks Film Club established a partnership with Emilys Bistro in Quorn, so that we could present our monthly movie nights in a relaxed environment. Emily’s take care of food and beverages leaving us free to host the events and enjoy our movie nights. The first few events were a success so we have decided to continue the monthly event in 2015.

Below are the dates scheduled for 2015 Movie Room experiences at Emily’s Bistro. We recommend you subscribe to our mailing list to our facebook page to get updates on the movies to be screened.

Bookings are essential. If you aren’t already a member, you will be able join Flinders Flicks when you attend the first time. Emily’s provide a supper made on the premises, for just $10 per person. You can purchase wine or beer at the venue. Donations towards running costs such as replacement projector lamps, are appreciated and enable us to continue.

FUTURE 2015 Dates:

  • Friday 21.August.15        The Theory of Everything
  • Friday 18.Sept.15   Movie TBC
  • Friday 16.Oct.15   Movie TBC
  • Friday 20.Nov.15   Movie TBC
  • Friday 11.Dec.15   Movie TBC


13th February 2015: Muriel’s Wedding

Posted by on January 26th, 2015

Flinders Flicks “Monthly Movie Room Experience”
MURIEL’S WEDDING on Friday 13th Feb, at Emily’s Bistro.
Book in early on 08 8648 6940 ($10 includes a satisfying supper)

Kickstart the valentine’s weekend with MURIEL’S WEDDING, presented byFlinders Flicks and Emilys. The comedy-drama stars Tony Collette and Rachel Griffiths in the story of Muriel, whose ambition is to have a glamorous wedding and improve her personal life by moving from her dead-end home town to Sydney. Sounds OK in theory, but she does pick some disastrous methods to leave town!!!

16th January 2015: RAILWAY MAN

Posted by on January 5th, 2015

Flinders Flicks “Monthly Movie Room Experience”
RAILWAY MAN on Friday 16th Jan, at Emily’s Bistro.
Book in on 08 8648 6940 ($10 includes a satisfying supper)

Flinders Flicks kicks off again this year with Railway Man starring Colin Firthand Nicole Kidman, Described as a “touching, fact-based story with a quiet chemistry of stars”, Railway Man presents a personal story of a prisoner of war and his post-war journey, set against the backdrop of Britain in the 1920s and 30s. It’s based on a highly regarded autobiography by Eric Lomax, directed by Jonathan Teplitzky and features excellent acting by a number of acclaimed stars.

Our next film and other stuff

Posted by on September 30th, 2014

Since the Flinders Flicks film society reformed this year, the society has been treated to two films, firstly “The Great Gatsby” and later “The Grand Budapest Hotel” in the comfortable ‘movie room’ setting at Emily’s Bistro, using the Flinders Flicks projector and screen which is now permanently mounted there.

We have decided to continue to run film events on a monthly basis. Audience numbers are limited to around 35 per film so it will be essential for people to book early. The events at Emily’s will run along similar lines to the first one, with the film being shown for free, and guests paying a per head charge to cover the costs of snacks.

Donations are very welcome as we are saving for a new projector. We want to purchase a full HD projector, which will ensure a higher quality of image, especially for outdoor cinema, which is something we would like to do over summer.

Not long ago Flinders Flicks put out a survey, many thanks to the 11 people who responded. The respondents indicated that they would like to see award-winning films, from South Australia or at least Australia, and preferably of the comedy or romantic genres. I hope the Australian film industry takes note! We would like however to please all the members, and will vary the films accordingly.

The film for October will be Tracks, which was filmed here two years ago and is based on the book by Robyn Davidson.
If you are keen for a movie room experience as a member of Flinders Flicks film society, please pencil these dates into your diary: (Fridays)

17th October
14th November
12th December
16th January
13th February

Films will be announced prior to each screening in our events page.
You can book a place in advance by calling Emily’s on 08 8648 6940. For more information please view the flinders flicks web site, or next month’s Mercury.

Next Screening – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Posted by on September 3rd, 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a comedy set between the wars, and it will be on at Emily’s Bistro on Friday 12th September at 7pm.

Watch the trailer and dress up accordingly!

Bookings are essential – your evening includes supper ($10 per person) – call 08 8648 6940 or email emilysbistro@gmail.com

First screening a great success

Posted by on July 28th, 2014

The Flinders Flicks film society reformed this year after a long break, thanks to the help of Emily’s bistro to provide a venue. The society now has 30 new members who were treated to the Baz Luhrmann remake of “The Great Gatsby” starring Leonardo DiCaprio in a very comfortable “movie room” setting, using the Flinders Flicks projector and screen which is now permanently mounted at Emily’s ready for future events. Audience were treated to snack sized taco treats and delicious meringues, and the enjoyment of seeing many dress up in 1920’s costumes which added a great deal of atmosphere to the 1920s Emporium!

“We’ve had a lot of really positive feedback,” says manager Sally Brown, “and many people said it was an amazing experience. One guest said he felt honored to be there.”

The first show was deemed such a success that we have decided to continue to run film events on a regular basis. The films are being set by nomination and vote. The audience numbers are being limited to around 30 per film so it will be essential for people to book early. The events at Emilys will run along similar lines to the first one, with the film being shown for free, and guests paying a per head charge to cover the costs of snacks. Donations are very welcome as we are saving for a new projector – thank you to everyone who contributed to us raising $65 at the first event.

The Film Society has put out a survey to the new members, and non members are welcome to participate. The survey provides an opportunity for people to suggest what films they are most interested in seeing, and to vote on film suggestions. It is easily accessible online from https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2NVLHS6 , or drop in to Emily’s and provide feedback to Sally.

The next film has not been set yet… but the date has! If you are keen for a movie room experience as a member of Flinders Flicks film society, please pencil this date into your diary: Friday 12 September 2014. The film will be announced later this month on www.flindersflicks.org. You can book a place in advance by calling Emily’s on 08 8648 6940. Further dates will be set later this month so please view the flinders flicks web site, or next month’s Mercury for a program of upcoming events.

Next event : Friday 12 September at Emily’s Bistro.

Photos below courtesy of Emily’s Bistro.

Flinders Flicks gets a new lease of life

Posted by on June 5th, 2014

More than six years have passed since a small group of Quorn locals set up Flinders Flicks. Monthly double features were screened at the local Guide Hall, as well as a few other venues such as the Quorn Caravan Park, until other commitments got in the way and FF went in to hiatus in 2011.

Those evenings have been sadly missed by its small bunch of devotees, but thanks to a new partnership with Emily’s Bistro, Flinders Flicks will be running again very soon.

In fact the first screening at Emily’s Bistro will be of The Great Gatsby, to be presented on Friday 11th July at 7pm. (Bookings are required… click the advertisement to the right to see contact details for bookings)

ff-adIlluminart will be continuing its support of Flinders Flicks by helping with advice, sponsorship and technical support. This includes

• training local people in the operation of the equipment

• providing insurance of the equipment

• arranging storage and hire options of equipment to support community projects

• organising technicians to support the project (for example involving Rowan Lee a technologist in Adelaide to provide best quotes for equipment)

• assisting the society to develop an engaging film program

• employing a local writer to assist with promotion

• arranging sponsorship rates for projectors from our preferred supplier Panasonic

We are very excited about this new opportunity, as we simply did not have enough volunteers to run the film nights on our own anymore, and we are sure Emily’s Bistro and the audience will enjoy the benefits of Flinders Flicks film nights in Quorn.