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Film suggestions

Posted by on December 3rd, 2009

These are some of the recent film suggestions people have said they would like to see in Quorn.

  • Opal Dream
  • Dr Plonk – good for kids
  • Bush Mechanics
  • Crackerbag by exit films – other films by Exit
  • Proof – Russel Crowe
  • Sum of Us –
  • Not quite Hollywood
  • Australia
  • The Last Ride
  • Black balloon
  • Unfinished Sky
  • Children of the Silk Road
  • Death Defying Acts (late 2007)
  • wolf creek
  • black water
  • accolyte
  • tasmania cannibals
  • vampire zombie brisbane for halloween 31 october
  • the last ride – madman
  • elouise
  • salt – lake eyre (?)
  • helens beautiful coat
  • samson and delilah
  • The return of hercules – effie and co (could be good with “not quite hollywood”

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