Flinders Flicks gets a new lease of life

Posted by on June 5th, 2014

More than six years have passed since a small group of Quorn locals set up Flinders Flicks. Monthly double features were screened at the local Guide Hall, as well as a few other venues such as the Quorn Caravan Park, until other commitments got in the way and FF went in to hiatus in 2011.

Those evenings have been sadly missed by its small bunch of devotees, but thanks to a new partnership with Emily’s Bistro, Flinders Flicks will be running again very soon.

In fact the first screening at Emily’s Bistro will be of The Great Gatsby, to be presented on Friday 11th July at 7pm. (Bookings are required… click the advertisement to the right to see contact details for bookings)

ff-adIlluminart will be continuing its support of Flinders Flicks by helping with advice, sponsorship and technical support. This includes

• training local people in the operation of the equipment

• providing insurance of the equipment

• arranging storage and hire options of equipment to support community projects

• organising technicians to support the project (for example involving Rowan Lee a technologist in Adelaide to provide best quotes for equipment)

• assisting the society to develop an engaging film program

• employing a local writer to assist with promotion

• arranging sponsorship rates for projectors from our preferred supplier Panasonic

We are very excited about this new opportunity, as we simply did not have enough volunteers to run the film nights on our own anymore, and we are sure Emily’s Bistro and the audience will enjoy the benefits of Flinders Flicks film nights in Quorn.

The Overlanders, made in 1946, is the story of ‘one man’ – Don, played by Chips Rafferty (John William Pilbean Goffage 1909-1971) – and his small group of drovers crossing three states of Australia with more than a thousand head of cattle over 2000 miles during the Second World War. The film is set in 1943 outback Australia and is based on the true story of a cattle drive in 1942 organized by the government to vacate the land of people and supplies in the threat of a Japanese invasion. Read the rest of this entry »

Filming in the Flinders…. in 1906

Posted by on June 28th, 2010


From The Advertiser, Wednesday 5 September 1906


The financial year 1905-6 was the most prosperous in the history of the South Australian railways. Mr. Pendleton, in his annual report, states that the result of the year’s working was a record, the revenue being £76,444 higher than ever be- fore. The net revenue for the year was £85,380, equal to 4.30 per cent, on the total capital expenditure of £13,610,520 on miles open, compared with 3.95 in the previous year, which means that, after paying interest on the public debt for railways, £110,425 was carried to the credit of the general revenue. Read the rest of this entry »

Have you been wondering what the 2010 Film Maker in Residence project will be about? Our visiting film maker, Malcolm McKinnon, has been exploring possible stories of interest for a couple of new short films about the Flinders Ranges Region, and has decided to link into the stories of another awesome project also happening in the region… the Flinders Flavours book to be published during 2010.

Flinders Flavours is a collection of stories about the food and culture of the central Flinders Ranges, primarily researched and written by local writer, Tarla Kramer (who has also written for Flinders News regional papers). Other contributors include oral historian John Mannion, local artist Liz Collins, among others. Each story is based on interviews or anecdotes of the food growing, preparation, making and eating, of recipes and flavours found in the region.

Malcolm McKinnon’s residency films will be based on stories from a chapter of the book about foods made from local feral animals such as goat, and rabbit. He will be conducting interviews and collecting video footage during early April and the finished films will be ready to be screened in a couple of months.

It is hoped to extend this project later in the year by inviting local people to add their own contributions, by making short documentaries and photo movies of their own recipes, which will be collected into a video web site. The Quorn Area School are among local groups who have already expressed interest in working with Malcolm Mckinnon to participate in the project.

The 2010 Film Maker in Residence project is being supported by Arts SA, Flinders Flicks and is being made with the support of Jane Egerton-Warburton (project coordinator) and Cindi Drennan (project manager). For further information contact Flinders Flicks, and for info about Flinders Flavours, contact communityflavours @ flindersbushfestival . org . au

Film Maker In Residence 2010

Posted by on February 27th, 2010

Flinders Flicks provided assistance to John Mannion to be involved in the Quorn community, as Film Maker in Residence in 2009. In 2010 it is planned to hold this project again, and part funding has been provided by Arts SA for us to work with Malcolm McKinnon, a highly regarded filmmaker familiar with regional South Australian communities.

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Nosferatu at Desert Fringe

Posted by on January 19th, 2010


Quorn resident and composer, Matthew Timmis, presented a new music performance piece in accompaniment to a screening of the film noir classic Nosferatu.

This one-off event was presented at Desert Fringe (a regional presentation of the Adelaide Fringe) on Saturday 27th February at 4 PM, at The Institute (Commercial Road Port Augusta).

Performers included the Desert Voices choir, three rock bands, and other musicians, and the soundtrack composed by Matthew was synchronised to the film and performed live. The event was highly successful and Matthew and the performers hope to present the event again at some stage, possibly in Adelaide. Read the rest of this entry »

Flinders Flicks in 2010

Posted by on January 15th, 2010

Flinders Flicks is a film society based in Quorn, South Australia. We get together to enjoy interesting, films in a friendly local venue.

We have been running film nights since 2007, mostly in Quorn but occasionally in other towns or venues in the Flinders Ranges.

In 2010 we are working with neighbouring communities and groups so that film screenings can happen in other Flinders Ranges towns. We are interested in hearing from groups who would like access to the screening equipment and training, to be able to hold their own Flinders Flicks film nights. Contact us for further info.

FlindersFlicksScreen_sm settling-in_sm

Proposed Borrowing Scheme

Posted by on January 14th, 2010

Flinders Flicks Film Society owns and maintains equipment for the benefit of its members. We are currently discussing a proposed borrowing scheme which will allow the equipment to be available to community groups. Read the rest of this entry »

Film suggestions

Posted by on December 3rd, 2009

These are some of the recent film suggestions people have said they would like to see in Quorn.

  • Opal Dream
  • Dr Plonk – good for kids
  • Bush Mechanics
  • Crackerbag by exit films – other films by Exit
  • Proof – Russel Crowe
  • Sum of Us –
  • Not quite Hollywood
  • Australia
  • The Last Ride
  • Black balloon
  • Unfinished Sky
  • Children of the Silk Road
  • Death Defying Acts (late 2007)
  • wolf creek
  • black water
  • accolyte
  • tasmania cannibals
  • vampire zombie brisbane for halloween 31 october
  • the last ride – madman
  • elouise
  • salt – lake eyre (?)
  • helens beautiful coat
  • samson and delilah
  • The return of hercules – effie and co (could be good with “not quite hollywood”

2009: “It’s a wrap!”

Posted by on December 1st, 2009

2009 is the second year that films have been regularly screened in Quorn. This year we tried a few different ways of marketing, using the Mercury to put in a schedule at the start of the year, and doing a 4 month program which was letterbox dropped throughout Quorn mid year. Programming films for several months at a time is very hard work and although its great to have time to promote films in advance, we lost flexibility to add in new films. Other ways we looked at promoting were letters to our members, posters, emails out, and last but not least, a big banner stuck on the side of my van!

We boldly go... Portable Flinders Flicks Signage!

We boldly go... Portable Flinders Flicks Signage!

Of course as always our best ways of getting people to come along was word of mouth, so we’re really grateful to our dedicated members who came regularly and invited friends and neighbours. Having new faces and people to meet has kept it interesting.

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