Proposed Borrowing Scheme

Posted by on January 14th, 2010

Flinders Flicks Film Society owns and maintains equipment for the benefit of its members. We are currently discussing a proposed borrowing scheme which will allow the equipment to be available to community groups.

This proposal may be run on a trial basis for some months in early 2010. If you are interested in borrowing equipment please contact Cindi Drennan about your request.

Flinders Flicks are particularly interested in hearing from local community groups who wish to work with us to hold their own film screening events. If you are interested in hosting a film event in the Flinders Ranges we would like to support this, it may be as simple as putting a link on this website to promote it to our members, or we may be able to assist by lending you equipment for the event or helping out with operators or ushers.

Because the equipment owned by Flinders Flicks is for the benefit of our members, we prefer it to be used for events that our members may attend free of charge or for a discount, but we will also hire out equipment where the funds will contribute to the operation of our Society.

These are the terms conditions of use of Flinders Flicks equipment as at 1.1.2010. Our trial period of borrowing will run for a period of six months until 30.6.2010 and during that time these terms and conditions will be updated as required.



The equipment owned by Flinders Flicks includes:

SANYO PLCWXU30 3700 lumen Widescreen Cinema Projector
3.2m wide powered portable indoor Cinema screen with remote (designed to hang from hooks on a wall etc)
6m  x 3m wide portable outdoor Cinema screen, fabric and poles structure (designed to hang from trees or structure)
long run signal and power cables

The equipment owned by other groups which can be provided by Flinders Flicks on request includes:
DVD playback system
small or medium sized PA system


Equipment booking requests shall be made by contacting the Flinders Flicks president or secretary, with information about the dates required, operator, purpose. Allow up to a week for the committee to discuss your proposal and respond about availability, and to confirm any arrangements that need to be made with you.

Equipment shall be booked well in advance to ensure that it does not conflict with prior bookings of equipment. If you need equipment for an event that is very soon (ie tonight) please understand that we’d try to support community events as best as possible but as we are a volunteer run organisation we may have to say no.

If your equipment borrowing proposal is agreed to we will confirm details such as costs, duration, collection address and other requirements.

Equipment shall be collected at the pre-arranged time and place (usually from the Flinders Flicks office in Quorn) and returned at the pre-arranged time and place. Any changes or variations must be discussed with the Flinders Flicks committee member designated to handle your booking.


Equipment is borrowed, not hired, and fees are a cost recovery basis towards Flinders Flicks running costs.

Equipment which is used to present films for the benefit of Flinders Flicks members, shall be provided at cost basis only, to be paid by the borrower at the time of borrowing. Our Borrowing Fee is a pro rata fee for the running costs, which covers lamp use, insurance and basic maintenance costs, and is usually around $50 per event.

Equipment to be used for private or commercial events will be charged at a higher rate, and the fees shall be used to contribute towards the running costs of Flinders Flicks Film Society. Equipment Fees are around $150 – $200 per event depending apon requirements and whether operators are required.


Equipment may only be used where there is at least one operator who has been trained in the equipment use, and confirmed to be trained by a current Flinders Flicks committee member. The operator will be responsible for equipment storage, security, operation and transport in accordance with Flinders Flicks standards and requirements.

The requirement of a suitably trained operator is to ensure that risks are minimized which would otherwise make borrowing an undue cost or safety risk. These risks which the operators will be responsible for minimizing include: theft, lamp or equipment breakages, audience safety, operator safety; all of this and other aspects of operator knowledge will ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Training may be provided by experienced Flinders Flicks representatives on occasion, to train members and assistants in different regions, in the safe and secure operation of the equipment. Please register your interest for future training sessions.


If the equipment is required in some distance from the home base in Quorn, there may be some considerations for travel time or expense.


The borrower is responsible for equipment security at all times whilst it is being borrowed, until such times as it is returned to the Flinders Flicks committee office. At all times whilst being borrowed, equipment must be kept in secure locked premises, and when it is being used a trained operator must remain with the equipment. It must not be left in a vehicle except during travel.


Whilst in the care and responsibility of a borrower, any breakages that occur will be the responsibility of the borrower.

– in such a case that the lamp breaks, the cost of replacement will be the borrower’s responsibility. Flinders Flicks retains a lamp fund for the replacement of lamps, which is “topped up” through our Borrowing Fee, so the older the lamp is, the more that there will be in the fund through the contribution of previous borrowers. A lamp which breaks before the estimated lamp life duration shall be charged to the borrow, minus the available funds in our Lamp Fund.

– in such case as the equipment is broken, lost or destroyed through damage or breakages or theft or other mishap, the cost shall be charged to the borrower, minus any payments that are recoverable via our insurance policy or other means. If insurance claims are made we may also charge any premium increase to the borrower, at our discretion.


If the equipment is made available to the borrower at the Film Society discounted rate, it is required that Flinders Flicks Film Society members shall be able to attend the screening free of charge or at a discounted members rate. If this is not possible for some reason then other benefits to members or to the society may be negotiated (such as future discounts, or by offering labour or other services to the society in return for use of equipment).


It is a requirement of borrowing that the borrower is responsible for all fees and clearances with respect to the necessary screening rights and any other permissions in order to screen their program.

The Flinders Flicks committee may be able to advise the borrower or to assist with the process of obtaining screening rights, especially if the film to be screened will be for the benefit of Flinders Flicks members. If you would like assistance it is important to discuss this with us at the time of making your borrowing request. Film screening rights arrangements can take considerable time or expense to organise depending on the nature of your event.


All promotion, marketing and financing of screening events for which Flinders Flicks equipment is borrowed, is the responsibility of the borrower.

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